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Sleeping Giant OST

2016 Bruce Trail Records (or click here for Don't Wake The Giant as a single)

Open Flames

2011 Hand Drawn Dracula

A Mountain Is A Mouth

2009 Bruce Trail Records

Of Songs

2012 Bruce Trail Records

Bruce Trail Fire Sale

2012 Bruce Trail Records

Self-titled 7"

2009 Escape Goat Records



Since 2006, Bruce Peninsula has created a strange mix of gospel, western folk, blues and progressive rock, resulting in a style often praised for it’s “genre-less” qualities. Bruce Peninsula are a large ensemble from Toronto who believe in singing from the gut and letting the rhythm lead. BP has publicly laid low in recent years, but have remained active in the film composing community (most recently with 2015 success story Sleeping Giant) and with myriad satellite acts and solo projects (including The Weather Station, Eons, Twin Within and more). Bruce is now in the studio working on the follow up to 2009's A Mountain Is A Mouth and 2011's Open Flames.

Satellite Projects

The Weather Station
Misha Bower
Ivy Mairi
Twin Within
The Lake Vernon Drowning
I Am Robot & Proud
The Mike Smith Company
Union Sound Company

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  •  Toronto, Ontario
  •   brucepeninsula [at] gmail [dot] com.


DontWakeWebIn February 2014, we were approached to compose music for Andrew Cividino's film Sleeping Giant. Since then, that film's theme has taken on a life of it's own, eventually winding up in a tourism campaign for our home province of Ontario. It is only 90 seconds long in each of those versions, and we figured the Giant deserved to be a complete song. We are pleased to present it to you now as Don't Wake The Giant. The song and video likely began playing for you the moment you landed here, but it is also embedded below.

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Don't Wake The Giant Video:
Where Am I?